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[leafnode-list] Re: Should "groupexpire *.text = 3" work? (version 1.11.5)

On 2007-01-19, Matthias Andree wrote:

>> Should a line in the config file like
>>    groupexpire *.test =  3
>> work (i.e. apply 3 to alt.test, gmane.test, and so on), or does
>> globbing only work the end of the group specification?
> It's a wildmat, so it is supposed to work.
> Note though that leafnode does not support the "all" or alternative
> (comma-separated list) syntax.

Oops!  I forgot that texpire deletes articles according to the file
access time, whereas I was grepping '^Date: '.

Now I see that the line in question is working correctly.


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