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[leafnode-list] Re: strange problem

Nick C schrieb am 2007-03-17:

> On 12.03.2007 23:37, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Nick C schrieb am 2007-03-07:
> >> The strange problem is, that later when I start Thunderbird to see new
> >> articles, it says that there is *no* new articles in leafnode. :-(
> > Try "texpire -fvvvr".
> Ok, this helped only once after I applied it. After that, everything
> returned to this strange problem. fetchnews fetch artices, but they do not
> show up in Thunderbird. I have even tried deleting news account from
> Thunderbird and also directory News from $HOME/.thunderbird/. First time
> fetch OK, but after every 30 min (that fetchnews from crontab runs), nothing.

Hm. I have zero idea what might be causing this, you haven't found
relevant logs (check syslog configuration to make sure you're not
discarding anything), ...

> > Probably Thunderbird has older article numbers cached and after the
> > reinstall, the new article numbers are much lower, so that Thunderbird
> > thinks the server had higher articles expired without new articles
> > arriving. Check the Thunderbird knowledgebase if there's something you
> > can do about that; in doubt, you'll need to remove and re-add your
> > newsserver.
> I think that it does not anything to do with Thunderbird, because, the same
> thing is also in Claws Mail client.

...and perhaps - could you check Claws logging if there's NNTP exchange?

> >> Also, in /var/log/news/news.info I see this:
> >> Mar  3 20:00:03 ubuntu fetchnews[5280]: store: hr.comp.os.linux: stale water
> >> marks, trying to fix
> > This might be related and happens when the group.info file isn't
> > accurate. Texpire should fix this.
> The thing is, it only happens (thins whole problem) when fetchnews is run
> from crontab (every 30 min). *But* when I run manually from Terminal:
> "$ sudo fetchnews -vvvn"
> then everything is OK, both Claws Mail and Thunderbird download new artices
> from leafnode.

Strange. Can you check the permissions on the news spool to make sure
all files and directory are writable by the "news" user?

Matthias Andree
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