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[leafnode-list] Re: strange problem

On 18.03.2007 13:09, Nick C wrote:

> I have 2 nntp servers in config file. news.individual.net and
> news.mozilla.org. The mozilla nntp server is fetched last in the process.

> Have a look at the timestamp (30 min distance). At 11:30 it starting fetch
> process, but as you can see it does not finish it. It does not write down
> how many articles it has fetched in this process.

> There is no line like this in log:
> Mar 18 10:00:18 ubuntu fetchnews[5051]: fetchnews: 20 articles and 0 headers
> fetched, 0 killed, 0 posted, in 15 seconds

It has started again, now with the news.individual.net nntp server. It
starts fetchnews process, but does not finish it. It just stops on some
random newsgroup. This only happens if the fetchnews is called by crontab
(every 30 min). If I run fetchnews by hand from terminal, everything is fine.

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