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[leafnode-list] applyfilter doesn't seem to work

the newsgroup sci.crypt is currently under attack, as some might know.
it is tiresome to find a pattern in the random noise posted, and it is
a DDoS using different accounts on different servers.  thus i have many
articles in the spool now where previous patterns no longer work.

after finding some patterns[1], i wanted to use applyfilters, which
doesn't work as advertised, so to speak:

0  # applyfilter -n 'sci.crypt'
applyfilter [options] object [...]
options are:
    -d spooldir    - use spooldir instead of compiled-in default
    -D debug       - set debug flags (see config.example for documentation)
    -e             - redirect logging to standard error
    -F config      - read config file as configuration instead of default
    -v [...]       - increase verbosity level (can be repeated)
    -V             - just print version and exit, perform no other operation
    -c             - check mode, print if filters match files on command line
    -n             - dry run, do not actually delete anything

the `-n' switch doesn't work, i always get the usage() message.  i have
the feeling that applyfilter isn't used all that much and might have
a few bugs left.

1.  when strace'ing "strace applyfilter -e -D 96 'sci.crypt'", one can
    see that many of the spool-directories for leafnode are
    (re-)created, and an UDP(?) connection is attempted to the hostname
    specified in the configuration file.  why does this happen?

2.  the code of routine "main()" contains the passage:

      if (optind + 1 > argc
          || (dryrun)) {

    this is the reason for bailing out after giving `-n' (for dryrun).
    no indication what went wrong, because nothing was even tried.  the
    code does contain dryrun checks, though.

[1]: the contents of /etc/leafnode/filters pertaining to sci.crypt is this:

newsgroups = (?i)sci\.crypt
pattern = ^Path:.+!newsfe[[:xdigit:]]{2}\.(lga|phx)\.POSTED![[:xdigit:]]+!not-for-mail
action = -5000
pattern = ^Path:.+!hw-filter.(phx|lga)!newsfe.+![[:xdigit:]]+!not-for-mail
action = -5000
pattern = ^Path:.+!news.highwinds-media.com!hw-filter.phx!.+\.POSTED![[:xdigit:]]+!not-for-mail
action = -5000
pattern = ^(References|Message-ID): .+@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
action = -5000
pattern = ^X-Trace: newsfe[[:xdigit:]]{2}\.(lga|phx)
action = -5000
pattern = ^Organization: (Optimum Online|Will you rule on top of the winter,)
action = -5000
pattern = ^X-Complaints-To: (abuse|admin)@((rr|mchsi)\.com|(suddenlink|cox|cv)\.net|shaw\.ca)
action = -5000
pattern = ^NNTP-Posting-Host: (|
action = -5000

when i use "action = kill", articles get deleted, but i wanted to use
a negative quantity in order to override any decisions with positive
quantities when articles should be "whitelisted" with patterns later
in the file. this doesn't work. i'd like to use scoring numbers in the
actions which accumulate until values greater than zero keep the article
and values less than zero remove it.  it seems fetchnews uses a slightly
different scheme, as my logfiles tell me that it kills articles given
negative numbers as actions.

also, the code seems to indicate that patterns are kept in a linked
list.  can i rewrite the rules like this?

newsgroups = (?i)some\.group
pattern = ...
pattern = ...
pattern = ...
action = kill

ie. a newsgroup line at the top, a single action line at the bottom and
patterns in between?

regards, clemens

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