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[leafnode-list] Re: reply was mutilated

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Frank Lorenzen schrieb am 2007-07-01:
>> de.sci.electronics: considering 1345 articles 364494 - 365838, using XOVER
>> de.sci.electronics: XOVER: reply was mutilated
>> news2.open-news-network.org NNTP server disconnected or timed out while
>> waiting for response
>> [...] 10 times more
>> news.gmane.org: connecting to port nntp
>>   trying:    address port 119...
>> [...]
>> What would fetchnews like to say to me?
> The server's reply as it arrived at your end was not properly ended by a
> dot on a separate line - the server or connection broke while sending
> the reply.

Thanks a lot Matthias,
i wasn't shure if this is a Problem on my side or not. I temporarily
switched to xhdr and fetched this bunch of articles.


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