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[leafnode-list] Re: FQDN v. localhost

Thufir schrieb:
> ve registered the FQDN of <arrakis.doesntexist.org> through <http://
> www.dyndns.com/> as per <http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/doc_en/README-
> FQDN.html>.  However, I want to still be able to go to <http://localhost/
> phpmyadmin/>.  The FQDN is strictly for leafnode.
> I'll also be installing <http://code.google.com/p/feed-on-feeds/>, which
> I also want to put on <http://localhost/> rather than the FQDN.
> Apache 2, MySQL and phpMyAdmin are currently working fine with the
> localhost name, and I don't want to break this.

The HOSTNAME setting has usually got no impact on the ports such software
is listening on or access control.

It may influence the Apache 2 defaults when you've got virtual hosting
enabled, but you need to do that explicitly, and either way, a few
ServerAlias lines in the right place should fix things up.
(I don't know Gentoo configuration layout though.)

> Going by <http://gentoo-wiki.com/TIP_Setup_Your_FQDN> it mentions to
> configure the /etc/conf.d/hostname file.  For my purposes, how should
> this file be configured?
> localhost ~ #
> localhost ~ # cat /etc/conf.d/hostname
> #HOSTNAME="livecd"
> #HOSTNAME="localhost arrakis.doesntexist.org"
> #HOSTNAME="arrakis.doesntexist.org"
> HOSTNAME="localhost"
> localhost ~ #
> localhost ~ # date
> Sun Aug 26 19:05:11 PDT 2007
> localhost ~ #
> I should configure the box so that it uses a FQDN, for leafnode, then 
> configure apache so that localhost also works?

I think HOSTNAME="arrakis.doesntexist.org" is the way to go and
HOSTNAME=localhost on the other hand is definitely wrong.

The HOSTNAME shouldn't usually be used for access control anyways, but
you'd rather use Apache directives. For tightening things up, you can
actually set the software to listen on or bind to the loopback
interface or use Apache allow/deny and order statements. I don't know about
MySQL access control or phpmyadmin though - I personally try to steer clear
of such stuff.

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