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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization

On Sat, Oct 06 2007, Martin wrote:

> If I remember correctly, there's some solution with INN.

I also heard about this INN feature.  It would be nice to have such a
feature in leafnode, i.e. fetch articles from a remote newsserver and
keep the articles as on the server.  This scenario seems to be quite
common.  It would probably require that there's only a single server
(the "master") in the "slave's" leafnode setup.

> In short: In your current client/server-solution it's very difficult to
> complete this task. Maybe some copying of the newsspool and the newsrc
> would help. Be aware, that this may break things for your
> leafnode-system. I don't know.

I've been using such a setup for years: On the main machine, there's
the "master" leafnode spool.  Via rsync, I synchronize the spool (and
leafnode config files) to the notebook ("slave" leafnode) when online.
On the slave, I never run fetchnews.  This keeps the article numbers
in sync.  Additionally you need to sync your .newsrc or similar file
of your newsreader.


- Exclude out.going and failed.posting from rsync when doing the
  master -> slave sync.  Instead, you need to sync out.going from
  slave to master when online (and run fetchnews -P on the master).

- Matthias doesn't want to guarantee that the spool layout stays at it
  is (traditional news spool: one directory per group, one file per
  article, overview files) in leafnode2.  So this setup might break in
  future versions of leafnode(2).

Bye, Reiner.
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