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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization

Angel Martin Alganza schrieb am 2007-10-07:

> Does that mean that for a given group article numbers never get used
> again?  I mean, is there one and only one article number 1 even when
> the first post gets erased?

Yes, article numbers aren't usually recycled (except if the active file
gets damaged or lost, then article numbers might get reused), leafnode
currently has no renumber utility or facility.

> If that's how I have understood, it's very good news for me, since
> synchronization at the server level is easy, then.  I simply need to
> rsync /var/spool/news/ from my main box to my laptop, right?  I then
> need my laptop not to fetch news from a server or anything other than
> run leafnode to serve news to my news reader (tin).  Am I mistaken?

Looks like Reiner's suggestion - mind his caveats though :-)

> > While using only two computers with one polling directly from the
> > other, this sounds easy. But it isn't: If the first computer finds an
> > article cancelled or superseded, before the second updates its news
> > spool, there's a difference in numbers. And it will be there forever
> As long as I rsync main-box -> laptop I keep the numbers the same,
> won't I?  Unless I haven't understood something properly (English is
> not my mother tongue, you know).

You will if you run rsync rather than fetchnews.

> That's also very convenient for me (I think), since I simply need then
> to synchronize ~/.newsrc.  I actually need to copy it from the last
> box I've read news to the other one.  For example, if I read news at
> my main box during the week, I do nothing on the laptop during those
> days.  On Friday, I close tin and copy ~/.newsrc over to my laptop and
> run tin on it.  Shouldn't I be getting exactly the same posts I would
> get if I kept running tin on my main box?  On Monday, I copy ~/.newsrc
> from the laptop over to my main box and run tin on it, and keep going
> reading news where I left.  Again, am I missing something here?

No. Tool tip: "Unison" is a useful tool for such synchronization efforts
because it can detect on its own which way your files need to be
synchronized, so you don't have to remember which way you synchronized
the files the previous time. I'm not sure how useful (or speedy) it
would be for synchronizing the spool -- I'm not sure about its efficacy
for larger amounts of files.

Matthias Andree
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