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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization


Am 07.10.2007 schrieb Angel Martin Alganza:
> > First of all, each server gives article numbers. So when your leafnode
> > finds a new article, it increases the current article number for the
> > group, and gives it to the article. Your first task is: Keep the
> > article numbers synchronized.   
> Does that mean that for a given group article numbers never get used
> again?  I mean, is there one and only one article number 1 even when
> the first post gets erased?  

Not quite right, as far as I know. Articles are counted and counted,
and 1 is given, when
1) the spool has to be rebuilt (I do not know about something like this
in leafnode, I don't think, situations like these exist, as far as you
don't remove your whole spool)
2) the counter has an overflow. Since I know about article numbers with
5 digits, I assume, this case only occurs after 99999 or more articles.

But I don't think, you should care...

> If that's how I have understood, it's very good news for me, since
> synchronization at the server level is easy, then.  I simply need to
> rsync /var/spool/news/ from my main box to my laptop, right?  I then
> need my laptop not to fetch news from a server or anything other than
> run leafnode to serve news to my news reader (tin).  Am I mistaken?  

I'd try to rsync the whole /var/spool/news (or whereever your spool
resides). leafnode stores some more information therein, and I believe,
this is needed. Since I don't know about more information stored
somehow in the file system (except /etc/, so take good care about
similar configuration!), this should be enough.

> As long as I rsync main-box -> laptop I keep the numbers the same,
> won't I?  Unless I haven't understood something properly (English is
> not my mother tongue, you know).  

I hope, that all information needed by leafnode is stored
within /var/spool/news. And I hope, there are no hard links. (That
could double your needed space, if I see it correctly. More damage
should not be done.)

> Well, I like leafnode so much, and I think it has all the functions I need
> (at least at the moment) that I would prefer to stick with it, if
> possible.  

I tried INN. It's nice if you have loads of time to spend. And if you
want to play around at home. But otherwise... stick with leafnode. ;-)

> That's also very convenient for me (I think), since I simply need then
> to synchronize ~/.newsrc.  I actually need to copy it from the last
> box I've read news to the other one.  For example, if I read news at
> my main box during the week, I do nothing on the laptop during those
> days.  On Friday, I close tin and copy ~/.newsrc over to my laptop and
> run tin on it.  Shouldn't I be getting exactly the same posts I would
> get if I kept running tin on my main box?  On Monday, I copy ~/.newsrc  
> >from the laptop over to my main box and run tin on it, and keep going  
> reading news where I left.  Again, am I missing something here?  

I'd suggest some more.

I'm not sure about tin. But maybe you want to take scorefiles or some
things like this with you. Try to put this all in one directory. And
also try to put "postponed articles" into this directory. Again, make
sure, you're using the same configuration on both computers. then just
rsync this directory. So you have your postponed articles there on
Monday and can send them to the world.

> Both tasks are very easy, and very quick for the number of news-groups
> I read (less than 200) being all of them just text groups and a few of
> them with very low traffic, in addition of having a fast internet
> connection while synchronizing before (and after) of going off-line.  

If I do not miss anything (I have some bad feeling for the spool
somehow), under your circumstances, its quite easy, yes.

> The only thing I can think about is that news-groups won't be
> downloaded by leafnode since it is not aware of somebody (me) reading
> them while I'm off-line, on the laptop.  

While you're at scripting: Just
touch /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/* (or something like this, I
haven't looked for the name, I get lazy sometimes ;-). Be aware, that
you have to manually remove unread newsgroups then.
(rm /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/gmane.leafnode.something)

> I've just also realize that I might have another problem: posting from
> the laptop.  Perhaps I could set up a way of holding my posts on the
> laptop until I connect it to the Internet and then get the posts sent
> without any fetching, of course, other than the rsync(hronization) of
> the news spool from my main box.  

Postpone, and then rsync back to the main computer?

> > NNTP is not primarily thought for something like this.  
> I hope the fact that it is not thought for it doesn't prevent me from
> doing it. :-)  

I think, most of the limits can be worked around. NNTP is not thought
for configuration of news servers. But why shouldn't I just post an
article to "my.leafnode.config" (this group is restricted and can only
be used by me!) and change the whole configuration? Why shouldn't some
lazy program just put its logfile in my.leafnode.logfiles? Yes, because
NNTP is not intended to be used this way. But if that's the only
reason ... why not?

> That sound interesting, although it seems more complicated (and I
> don't know whether leafnode+tin could do; I don't want to change from tin,
> really).  

They can't. At least they can't without major modifications.

So I hope, your setup works! Good luck!

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