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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization

On Mon, Oct 08 2007, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Reiner Steib schrieb am 2007-10-07:
>> I also heard about this INN feature.  It would be nice to have such a
>> feature in leafnode, i.e. fetch articles from a remote newsserver and
>> keep the articles as on the server.  This scenario seems to be quite
>> common.  It would probably require that there's only a single server
>> (the "master") in the "slave's" leafnode setup.
> Well, cloning/synchronizing article numbers might require some work to
> leafnode, but is certainly doable ([...]), even if not on short notice.

Looking forward for it.

> I presume we require some cleaning-up of internal interfaces (namely,
> encapsulate the whole article access in a module on its own).


>> - Matthias doesn't want to guarantee that the spool layout stays at it
>>   is (traditional news spool: one directory per group, one file per
>>   article, overview files) in leafnode2.  So this setup might break in
>>   future versions of leafnode(2).
> The leafnode-1 spool shall remain the way it is in 1.11.6 throughout the
> 1.11 series, and I seriously doubt I'll open another 1.X series such as
> 1.12. I want leafnode-1 to be feature complete, it is essentially frozen
> and my plan is to include only bug-fixes -- however, either nobody is
> using it any more or remaining bugs don't itch people enough so they
> don't bother reporting them. If you think I've forgotten about your
> favourite bug, feel free to remind me :-)

If there are bugs in leafnode-1, I wouldn't know because I only use
leafnode-2 for many years (looking at my outgoing folder for this
list, I notice that my first leafnode-2 version was from 20020921).  I
might remind you about my favorite feature requests for leafnode-2,
though, once I manage to upgrade to the current version.  I still run
2.0.0.alpha20040122a, probably because I didn't notice any bug in 3½
years.  :-)

> This beast needs to be finished somehow, and that won't happen with
> loading the TODO list with new features and radical changes ;-)

Full ACK.

Bye, Reiner.
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