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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization


Am 09.10.2007 schrieb Matthias Andree:
> Any variable data is in $spooldir (/var/spool/news), any static data in /etc.

Thank you for this information.

> > I hope, that all information needed by leafnode is stored
> > within /var/spool/news. And I hope, there are no hard links. (That
> > could double your needed space, if I see it correctly. More damage
> > should not be done.)
> Leafnode makes extensive use of hard links, and relies on them being
> available, so you'll definitely want to recreate hard links rathe than
> splitting them up; so it's rsync -aH or similar.

Thanks for putting this right.

> > I tried INN. It's nice if you have loads of time to spend. And if you
> > want to play around at home. But otherwise... stick with leafnode. ;-)
> Thanks for the flowers ;-)

Well, I really think, leafnode is the best thing for home use. We could
talk about hamster, if it'd run on linux, but so far I do not know
hamster in long time use. So leafnode is my choice.

Good work, Matthias! (And thank you for all your work!)

> It's even simpler: running fetchnews with the -n option :-)

Ok. To know this, I should have read the manpage. So it is much easier
for me to touch ... ;-)

> > I think, most of the limits can be worked around. NNTP is not thought
> > for configuration of news servers. But why shouldn't I just post an
> > article to "my.leafnode.config" (this group is restricted and can only
> > be used by me!) and change the whole configuration? Why shouldn't some
> > lazy program just put its logfile in my.leafnode.logfiles? Yes, because
> > NNTP is not intended to be used this way. But if that's the only
> > reason ... why not?
> I'd like to see the security concept surrounding these bits :-)

Articles are stored as news:news. So normal users can't modify them.

Is it possible to restrict access for different users to different
groups? If not ... no problem. *My* leafnode is only for *my* personal
use. So 

only_from =

in xinetd.d/leafnode-nntp should be sufficient. Otherwise

# iptables -A INPUT -i ppp2 --destination-port nntp -j REJECT

could help... Or am I missing something? ;-)

Have a nice day ...

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