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[leafnode-list] Re: Two (or more) systems synchronization

It works beautifully! :-)

On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 11:43:16PM +0200, Angel Martin Alganza wrote:
> If that's how I have understood, it's very good news for me, since
> synchronization at the server level is easy, then.  I simply need to
> rsync /var/spool/news/ from my main box to my laptop, right?  I then
> need my laptop not to fetch news from a server or anything other than
> run leafnode to serve news to my news reader (tin).  Am I mistaken?
In fact, an rsync of /var/spool/news/ from main-box to laptop
replicates my news spool on my laptop.  I do it while my laptop is
online.  I have set up leafnode to not fetch news on the laptop.  It
is rsync the one which drops news into the spool, then.

> That's also very convenient for me (I think), since I simply need then
> to synchronize ~/.newsrc.  I actually need to copy it from the last
> box I've read news to the other one.  For example, if I read news at
> my main box during the week, I do nothing on the laptop during those
> days.  On Friday, I close tin and copy ~/.newsrc over to my laptop and
> run tin on it.  Shouldn't I be getting exactly the same posts I would
> get if I kept running tin on my main box?  On Monday, I copy ~/.newsrc
> from the laptop over to my main box and run tin on it, and keep going
> reading news where I left.  Again, am I missing something here?

I have copied ~/.newsrc from my desktop to my laptop after stopping tin
on the desktop.  I've then run tin on the laptop, read news for a
while and then copied ~/.newsrc from the laptop into the desktop, run
tin on the desktop and yes, I have exactly the same posts to read that
I had on the laptop.
> Both tasks are very easy, and very quick for the number of news-groups
> I read (less than 200) being all of them just text groups and a few of
> them with very low traffic, in addition of having a fast internet
> connection while synchronizing before (and after) of going off-line.

In fact, copying ~/.newsrc back and forth takes almost nothing (it's
6kb on size now).  Synchronizing the news spool takes a little longer,
mainly if it's done seldom; but even when the whole spool has to be
copied it doesn't take too long (/var/spool/news/ is around 50MB).

I'm very happy with this setup up to now.  I haven't done anything to
solve the posting 'side'.  I'll have a look at the options you guys
have suggested me before and will report back how it goes.

I also need to find a way to synchronize my email on a similar manner
to also be able to read/write mail off-line.


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