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[leafnode-list] Some questions about texpire.

(I'm using the 1.11.6 Ubuntu leafnode package.)

I noticed the following messages at the end of texpire's run:

Nov 14 08:02:05 bunsen texpire[10114]: corrupt "mids" file
Nov 14 08:03:13 bunsen texpire[10114]: message.id/: 2262 articles deleted, 1080228 kept
Nov 14 08:03:13 bunsen texpire[10114]: wrote active file with 57551 lines

Is 'corrupt "mids" file' just a warning (texpire saying, "I found a
corrupt file and fixed it") or do I need to do anything about it?

I'm also curious as to what may have caused this.

Also, my texpire run takes a long time every morning since I set 
"create_all_links = 1" to improve Xref scoring in my news client.
Would it do any harm if I moved /etc/cron.daily/leafnode (which runs
texpire) into /etc/cron.weekly ?

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