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[leafnode-list] "Retrieving body (null) failed. No response"

Hi All,
I've been running Leafnode (v1.11.5-5 on Debian Etch) for a month or two
now. I've had no major problems, though it doesn't seem to like some
groups (alt.games.diablo2, linux.apps.cdwrite and linux.wine.users still
have the "Leafnode placeholder" post, and no real posts - the first is a
very high-traffic group).
Now I have a real problem: I'm getting an error message every update
which says: 
comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg: Retrieving body (null) failed. No response
rec.games.roguelike.angband: Retrieving body (null) failed. No response
(That's it, in its entirety). 
Those two groups are still accessible, and still receive new articles. 
So please could somebody tell me what is causing this error message and
how I can get rid of it? Googling for that error yields no results at
all (quite unusual!). 
Thanks in advance,

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