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[leafnode-list] Re: Suppressing "no servers found" error message

Brian D <groups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I decided to have a go at installing an independent copy of leafnode 2 using
> different locations for the spool and other files. 
> This worked well (except for a hiccough caused by the testing client's clock
> suddenly losing 4 years!) and I'm now using leafnode2. It seems faster (or
> perhaps it's just through having a smaller spool for now). 

Good to hear - I assume the clock issue isn't related to leafnode though

Texpire and fetchnews should be a bit faster in some respects; leafnode
(the server part) itself will probably (haven't benchmarked, but I don't
recall pertinent optimizations) not make a lot of difference.

> Thanks for the warning of not trying to mix the installations. I didn't
> realise my old install was from 2004, so it's worked well. I'm looking
> forward to the later version being as stable.

For some people on the list, it is behaving "stable" in some sense.

It's just that there are two kinds of stable: "stable" in the sense that
it doesn't crash (leafnode-2 it should be) and the other "stable" in the
sense that none of the interfaces (configuration, command line) or data
layouts (spool format) change.  The latter is something I don't want
leafnode-2 to be yet, because there's so much on the table to be done, I
want to reserve the right to make a radical change if needed -- and
that's why I call it "alpha" so as to prevent distributors from
packaging it for stable distributions. I probably wouldn't mind if it
were in "extra" or "add-on" or "experimental" or "unstable" repositories
if distributors can keep the package up to date without major delays or
policy clashes.

Matthias Andree
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