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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews continuously grabbing active

On Wed, 23 Apr 2008 04:30:26 -0400 "James Cloos"
<cloos+leafnode@xxxxxxxxxxx>   wrote:

> I'm running 2.0.0.alpha20070602a.
> Over the weekend I did a manual run of fetchnews(8) with -f.  Since then
> I noticed that the run from cron was grabbing the active file every time.
> Turns out the last: file for my primary server had mtime of several weeks
> ago.  In particular, my manual run doesn't seem to have updated it.
> Any thoughts on what would cause it to fail to update?
> Otherwise, my leafnode experience has been great.
> -JimC

I had something similar happen once with Leafnode 1 - I decided eventually 
that for some reason the remote server had failed to provide an acceptable 
groups list and so fetchnews was trying to correct that.  I disabled that 
feature for a while and then manually ran fetchnews -f for that server 
only which resolved the problem.  I never did work out exactly what had 
gone wrong.

I'd be tempted to try deleting the last: file concerned and creating a new 
one (using touch) with today's date, just to see what that did ...

M V Ellis
020 8801 1854
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