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[leafnode-list] Re: help with a pcre for only_groups_pcre

Troy Piggins schrieb:
> Been having trouble with what I assume are poorly named groups or
> some sort of glitch on my upstream feed - motzarella or
> iinet.net.au, my ISP.
> Every time I start slrn with these new group names at the end of
> .newsrc :
> -----8<-----
> +00000000.0000:alt.binaries.dvd.french.nzb!
> +00000000.0000:alt.pl.matematyka!
> a+00000000.0000:alt.binaries.dvd.midnightmovies!
> -----8<-----
> slrn crashes at the startup.  I delete these last 3 entries and
> it works fine.  So I figure if I use leafnode's only_groups_pcre
> to not get those groups.  Something like:
> only_groups_pcre = !.*00000000\.0000:.*
> Does this command stop entries of that pattern from even getting
> added to my .newsrc?
> Does that pattern look adequate?
> Does anyone else have this problem?

Some comments:

1. You're trying to fix up the wrong end. Update slrn or if it's the latest
version and the crash persists, report it to the slrn maintainer(s). If
slrn cannot handle b0rked newsgroup names, then it should skip them rather
than write them to .newsrc. Leafnode's part here is GIGO. Garbage in,
garbage out, not trying to impose some policy.

2. ! as prefix does not work here, check the pcrepattern manual page for
"Lookahead assertions" and "Lookbehind assertions". It's somewhat
complicated, I know. :-/

It might work to just use

only_groups_pcre = [^:]+$

Note this precludes valid newsgroup names according to RFC-3977 (check
section 9.8 for newsgroup-name), so it's not a long-term solution.

3. Also note that only_groups_pcre becomes effective only after the active
files from all servers have been reloaded, thus, you'll have to use
fetchnews -f after changing only_groups_pcre.

Matthias Andree
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