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[leafnode-list] Re: Migration from one server to another

* Whiskers is quoted below :
> "Maciej Piechotka" wrote:
>> Is it possible to migrate smoothly from one server to another?
>> What commands has to be performed?
> Add the new server to your Leafnode config file, and run fetchnews.  Then 
> delete the 'old' server from your Leafnode config file.  (You can of 
> course have two or more servers set up at the same time; that is quite 
> useful if one server goes off line - articles will be fetched from and 
> posted to the other, automatically).

Haven't done this before, but shouldn't that be "add the _old_
server to the _new_ leafnode's config file, and run fetchnews on
the _new_ server"?

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