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[leafnode-list] Re: Migration from one server to another

On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 08:00:53AM +1000, Troy Piggins wrote:
> * Whiskers is quoted below :
> > "Maciej Piechotka" wrote:
> >
> >> Is it possible to migrate smoothly from one server to another?
> >> What commands has to be performed?
> >
> > Add the new server to your Leafnode config file, and run fetchnews.  Then
> > delete the 'old' server from your Leafnode config file.  (You can of
> > course have two or more servers set up at the same time; that is quite
> > useful if one server goes off line - articles will be fetched from and
> > posted to the other, automatically).
> Haven't done this before, but shouldn't that be "add the _old_
> server to the _new_ leafnode's config file, and run fetchnews on
> the _new_ server"?

You are talking about two different migrations here. Whiskers migrates
the leafnode setup from one upstream server to another, while Troy
migrates the leafnode installation from one local server to another.

It is not quite clear what migration Maciej wants to do ...


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