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[leafnode-list] Re: add lua-scripting to leafnode2

On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 21:43:33 +0200 "clemens fischer"
<ino-news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>   wrote:

> i'm planning to add lua-scripting support to leafnode2.
> the first "milestone" will be an interface to fetchnews allowing people
> to filter on the complete headers of articles as well as (part of) the
> body.  "part of" means:  you can cache only so much of large articles in
> memory, so there will be an arbitrary, configurable amount set aside for
> this task.  in addition to filtering, users will be able to change the
> names of the newsgroups an article will be filed under.  the idea is to
> either filter using luas builtin string-matching primitives or hand an
> article off to an external program such as a bayesian filter.  then the
> lua script can decide to eg. prefix "spam." to every newsgroup according
> to the classification result.  articles thus tagged won't clogg the
> original newsgroups, but will still be available some place else for
> later inspection.


> i am mentioning all this not only for your entertainment, but also to
> solicit criticism and suggestions.  i don't have all that much time, but
> i want to do it "right" and i'm going at a slow pace here.
> regards, clemens

I lack the knowledge to offer any technical comments, but filtering on the 
body (and particularly anything to help deal with spam etc) would be 
welcome additions to an already excellent package.

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