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[leafnode-list] Empty groupinfo file

Hey ho.

I've had a leafnode server working for some time now, but it recently
began acting flaky.  I've had no new Usenet messages for a week or
two, due (I think) to an empty groupinfo file.  I can't figure out
what's up.

I use the server news.rcn.com, which is an alias for

The partition for /var/spool/news has plenty of space.  No issues

Here's the output of fetchnews:

leafnode 1.10.8.rel: verbosity level is 3, debugmode is 0
Forced active fetch requested from command-line (option -f).
try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="phiwumbda.org"
news.rcn.com: connecting to port nntp...
news.rcn.com: connected.
news.rcn.com: using STAT <message-ID> command.
news.rcn.com: 0 articles posted.
news.rcn.com: not attempting to update newsgroups list
news.rcn.com: reading server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.rcn.com
sci.math not found in groupinfo file
alt.conspiracy not found in groupinfo file
alt.folklore.urban not found in groupinfo file
sci.physics not found in groupinfo file
sci.crypt not found in groupinfo file
sci.logic not found in groupinfo file
news.rcn.com: conversation completed, disconnected.
wrote active file with 0 lines
Started process to update overview data in the background.
Network activity has finished.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

"That's one of the more fascinating things about my research: simple
methods, mostly elementary, succinct and, if I do say so my self,
well-written expositions, but no normal human can follow at all, and
even the best mathematical minds get lost quickly." -- James S Harris
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