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[leafnode-list] SOLVED (was: fetchmail, fetchnews can't get thru router)

* Christian Ebert on Monday, August 04, 2008 at 14:27:27 +0200
> The problem:
> I changed my internet access at home from dsl to vdsl, and am now
> connected via a router (Speedport W 701v). Everything works fine
> except fetchmail and fetchnews -- they just hang. Even smtp (via
> msmtp) works, also ssh, jabber, irc (both also via ssl) etc.
> The config at the of this mail works perfectly when I am
> connected eg. via AirPort and dsl-modem.
> As my provider is not exactly helpful to say the least, I am
> asking here for help with any kinds of info or experiences with
> using fetchmail and fetchnews via a router.
> The most annoying thing is that AppleMail *is* able to retrieve
> mail from all accounts; which led the hotline to say: well, use
> the standard mail program then ... of course there isn't any
> "standard program" to fetch news etc. etc. I refrain from
> ranting. This guy also said that this works for him with Linux,
> that it must be a Mac-Problem. But what kind of Mac-Problem?
> Nobody has any idea.

Off list discussions with Matthias made me google for DNS issues.


I entered to OpenDNS servers manually in the TCP/IP field of the
AirPort Network Preferences pane, and lo and behold! It works!
Both fetchmail and fetchnews are lightning fast again.

Thanks for everybody's patience.

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