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[leafnode-list] corrupted base64 list message (was: User authentication)

Whiskers schrieb:

> So if the email left the sender as Base 64, how did it change to plain 
> text before getting to me?  I think the answer is that this list gets to
> me at a webmail 'inbox' (Operamail) which I read locally in Claws Mail via
> "FreePops" - a program which scrapes the webmail pages and presents the
> emails in a local POP server which Claws Mail gets them from.  It looks as
> though Operamail's web server decodes the Base 64 but of course the
> encoding header is still present, so Claws Mail gets a conflict it can't
> handle.

I'd word a bit harsher: FreePops when downloading from Operamail corrupts
the message. The Webmail interface sort of decodes for human-readable
display, and the FreePops somehow also obtains the MIME headers - which is
no longer a proper reflection when the mail lands in your actual
"for-Claws" POP3 mailbox. What FreePops gets for a full or extended header
view may not match what is presented as message body on a separate web page.

Your best bet probably is to either get POP3 access (costs some money with
Operamail) or find a freemailer with reasonable POP3 access - not
necessarily Google Mail though, which has some not-so-subtle deviations
from the standards...

Matthias Andree

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