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[leafnode-list] Re: corrupted base64 list message

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:39:59 +0200 "Matthias Andree"
<matthias.andree@xxxxxx>   wrote:
> Whiskers schrieb:
> > Any 'corruption' takes place on the webmail server; the full headers
> > are presented along with the message body, all as plain text and in
> > one page (or tab, to use Firefox terminology), and it's that which
> > FreePops delivers.
> So they reencode (to 8bit presumably) without changing headers. Too bad.
> Still, Freepops should work around that.

Debatable  ;))  I could turn off 'full headers' in the web site settings, in 
which case I suspect FreePops wouldn't get most of the headers at all - 
but I'm a headers junkie  :))

> > I have no intention of touching Google Mail (or Hotmail).  I am
> > currently trying out a free account with GMX (currently in beta) which
> > offers IMAP and POP as well as webmail.  I've already migrated one
> > mailing list to 
> Well, they charge for IMAP usually - unless they recently changed their
> subscription models. Its POP3 service has served me for years and is
> rather "not getting in the way", and spam filtering is reasonably
> configurable.

There's a difference between the www.gmx.net website which I think has been
in use for a long time, and does work fine with Opera - it doesn't even
call for javascript - and the relatively new mail-eu.gmx.com website which
is much more "sophisticated" (and in English instead of German, at least
from my UK internet connection) and doesn't work with many browsers.  It's
the latter which offers the free 'beta testing' service, including IMAP -
which seems to work very well.  I expect the new service will cease to be 
free of charge (I hope only for new customers!) once the testing stage is 

> > One serious drawback with GMX's web site is that it currently refuses
> > to work with any browser but IE Safari or Firefox, but they do seem to
> > be responding to user pressure that at least Opera be allowed in too;
> To me it appears Opera falls short on several web sites that use
> cross-domain cookies, for instance GMX's FreeSMS service (depends on
> subscription model), and doesn't work with their "Beta 3" AJAX stuff, but
> should work with the "plain old" web interface.

That could depend on the user's cookie settings in Opera; I don't think 
I've ever had a cookie-related problem with Opera, but my default cookie 
policy is simple: accept them all, then delete them all at the end of the 
Opera session.  I can see that setting Opera to reject cross-site cookies 
might create difficulties on some sites - in which case use of the 'site 
preferences' should work.

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--  Whiskers 
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