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[leafnode-list] Re: Random errors

Carr, Chris schrieb am 2008-09-19:

> > So either the client has networking troubles, or the server has (albeit
> > unlikely, as SSH seems to work), or client and server go out of synch.
> Almost certainly the client - we've had recent connectivity issues here,
> though IT claim they have all been solved, ha ha. 

Well... yes.

I've seen WinXPSP2 Intel 3945ABG WLAN drivers die out of the blue,
I've seen such machines lose connectivity, with and without DHCP server
hiccups, I've seen DHCP servers do outright stupid things (For instance,
Microsoftish DHCP servers can act *very* strangely - ever manually
configured your very own fixed IP statically in the client? The DHCP
server will lock out the IP, and once you're back to DHCP, they will
offer you your own IP, and once you request it, refuse it. Why do they
offer it in the first place? Manual intervention on the server needed to
clear the issue...)

> > So what's in the archived copies of the logs?
> All the messages about normal operation. Like I said, these errors only
> started occurring today. I mentioned the empty logs purely to note that
> there was nothing logged about the errors. 

Ah ok.

> > I've seen all sorts of errors with Windows and Microsoft software for
> > networking, however not this particular one (I'm not using OE).
> > 
> > "OE" isn't a software I'd recommend or I am able to debug.
> Me neither. It's unfortunately the only newsreader available to me in
> this situation. 

Right, now that you mention that, I remember we've discussed this


Matthias Andree
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