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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews doesn't fetch anything

Manfred Lotz <manfred.lotz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hostname = localhost

This should be a FQDN. You may not be able to post.

> server = news.arcor.de

Can you try a different server? I read about problems at news.arcor.de

> Then I subscribed alt.alt.test from Opera client. When running fetchnews 
> it simply doesn't fetch anything.

None of the upstream servers I use have alt.alt.test.
groups.google says:
Description alt.alt.test: Use alt.test instead.

Please also try a different group.

> # fetchnews -vv

Please try
# fetchnews -vvvv

> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Except for the hostname, I can't see anything wrong at your side.

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