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[leafnode-list] HEADS UP DEVELOPERS: leafnode-2 repository changed to GIT (was DARCS)

Dear leafnode hackers (Clemens, Robert, anyone else?),

please note that I've migrated the repository from DARCS to GIT, to
overcome performance issues.

While DARCS has served its purpose well and without major unresolvable
issues, it has always felt slower than Mercurial or GIT, and I want to
cut down on the diversity of revision control systems that I'm using.
(So don't ask me about Bazaar, it's way too slow IMO.)

While I like Mercurial's user interface better, I didn't manage to
migrate to Mercurial, so GIT it should be. This is supported by Ted Ts'o
migrating the e2fsprogs repository from Mercurial to Git - there are
reasons to do that.

The good news: practically everything is there, the repo for static-http
download, RSS feed for changes and direct gitweb (for hackers, ask me
off-list), and the history from the original 2000 - 2004 CVS period, and
the 2004 - 2008 DARCS period.

The website has been updated, please report broken links to me off-list.

I've lost one valid and one bogus tag along the way, both from ancient
2.0-b5 times years ago - nevermind those!

Fallout from the migration:

- some links (RSS feed for changes, repository URL) have changed
  -> you need to drop your RSS feed an re-subscribe

  New location for repository and its instructions:


  Unchanged location for leafnode-2 website:


- I nuked the darcs repo of leafnode-2 proper (deliberately)

- Two items are pending merge:
  - Clemens's Lua Scripting branch, the DARCS repo is still there.
    (I might just commit this in one huge blob and concatenate the
    changelog entries, if that's fine for Clemens.)
  - Clemens's recently sent patch around changed hash and assorted other

Please send GIT patchbombs instead or let me pull from your branch.


Best regards
Matthias Andree
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