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[leafnode-list] automatic local group creation?

I have implemented keyword searches in my lua hooks.  All articles
mentioning my host, my name or any keywords or phrases configured are
automatically cross-posted to a local archiving group.  Thus I can
participate in dozens or even hundreds of newsgroups, but I need to
check only one or very few local groups for followups, which is very
convenient for the mailinglists on eg. gmane.org.

Currently there is a map of which searches go into which archive
newsgroup, but I'd like to have more flexibility.  If, for example,
there are search terms pertaining to freebsd, they go into
local.archive.freebsd, other map entries handle leafnode stuff etc.

A default entry matching every group determines if my host is mentioned
in the headers or my name in the body and copies matching articles to
local.archive, but for this feature I'd like to be able to send articles
to local.archive.<group>, where <group> is derived from the group name
the article was found in.  There's no problem on the lua side, but
I would have to edit etc/leafnode/local.groups before using such
a dynamic map and propably restart leafnode afterwards.

As the local groups are never sent to the usenet, there should be no
reason to use existing leafnode facilities for automatic creation of
local groups.  Is there such a leafnode function I could make accessible
to lua and are there any objections to do this?  Of course that function
should also allow checking for the existence of a group, so people could
decide to either re-use some group previously created or let leafnode
make a new one.


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