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[leafnode-list] Re: trying to decide which is better

Matthias Andree wrote:

> If IMAP (rather than NNTPd) is an option, have a look at Dovecot and if
> it meets your requirements.

we're already using dovecot but, I don't think it serves the need for a internal
conference server, at lease, as far as I know.

> Leafnode uses what INN would call tradspool - files 1 2 3 4 5... in a
> group directory. So, that would add some 80,000 files over the course of
> the years. Quick file access can be achieved with modern file systems,
> such as "dirhash" on UFS, "dir_index" on ext3, and most tree-structured
> file systems should also be able to deal with this.

I think in my circumstances a group/[00-ff]/1 2 3... mechanism might serve my
needs better.  If my hands weren't so crappy and C so hostile to speech
recognition, I would try to fix it myself.  (I've been living with RSI for the
past 15 years)

I've turned on dir_index and it does make things slightly faster but EXT3 still
runs out of steam at 32,000 files in the directory.  I'm probably going to have
to create a loopback filesystem using JFS.

> I'm happy to help with patches addressing non-scalability - I'd say do
> some test runs on a test machine and see if it gets slow with "many
> messages", let's profile and fix the slow parts.

well I am going to use leaf node for my first tests of the injection code.   I
will let you know where things break (unfortunately, I'm really good at breaking

> In what context exactly? I'm not quite sure what you mean.
> If you need to replace the ID or References, you need to that outside
> leafnode. If you POST, leafnode suggests a Message-ID that the client
> can either pick up and use, or the client can generate its own, leafnode
> doesn't care beyond some basic syntax and duplicate checks.

I'm generating my own ID and references.  When I post, I get this error message

nntplib.NNTPTemporaryError: 441 Invalid header "Message-ID:
silly.test.1227217025392@xxxxxxxxx", article not posted

it's entirely possible on generating the wrong format message ID.  I should go
triple check that.

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