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[leafnode-list] Re: trying to decide which is better

clemens fischer schrieb am 2008-11-20:

> > nntplib.NNTPTemporaryError: 441 Invalid header "Message-ID:
> > silly.test.1227217025392@xxxxxxxxx",
> > article not posted
> >
> > it's entirely possible on generating the wrong format message ID.  I
> > should go triple check that.
> I think there's nothing wrong with the format, but there seems to be
> a check if your host name matches "public.gmane.org".  It is certainly
> no leafnode error message, as egrep(1) tells me.  You should have your
> own host in your own message-id.

Seems that the nntplib (Python?) relayed leafnode's error here,
the second half is from nntpd.c, near line 1455 in Git's master branch.

Matthias Andree
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