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[leafnode-list] leafnode-2: pls reserve configuration option

Matthias, developers, please reserve a command line option "-b <number>"
and a configuration file option "body_buffer = <number>" for future use.

The part of leafnode storing received articles ("store.c") saves the
headers of an article and part of the body in memory for filtering.  We
cannot buffer all of the article for very large articles, so there must
be some limit.  Currently, this limit is a compile time configuration
option set to the constant "BODY_MAX" in file "script.h".  The value of
this constant is 55000 bytes.  People might want other, runtime
configured values in the future.

Note: this applies only to leafnode-2 and only if compiled with
the experimental scripting extension.  Filtering the body is fully
implemented only in the lua-scripting backend, using PCRE for this
should be possible, but still needs work.


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