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[leafnode-list] Re: Permanent reminder of "no posting permission!"

Christian Weiske schrieb:
> Hello Clemens,
>>> Every hour I get a mail from leafnode telling me that:
>>>> WARNING: found no server with posting permission!
>> Leafnode-1 is the older version, I think you run "leafnode
>> --version" to get version info, while leafnode-2 has its own program
>> "leafnode-version".
>> Note that leafnode-1 isn't actively supported except for serious errors
>> and security issues, while leafnode-2 - marked "beta" - is perfectly
>> usable, subject to improvement and well maintained.
> I'm using leafnode 1.11.5, because that's marked stable in gentoo.

They should have been using 1.11.6 since long, see

Matthias Andree
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