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[leafnode-list] Re: Permanent reminder of "no posting permission!"

Samuel Tardieu wrote:

> clemens> leafnode-2 - marked "beta" - is perfectly usable, subject to
> clemens> improvement and well maintained.
> Btw, I think this is a shame that Matthias doesn't want to put
> leafnode-2 out off the "beta" mode, but I already told Matthias :)

You are right.  OTOH, I am not sure that Matthias will issue some
"stable" release of leafnode-2 soon, given my addition of (lua-)
scripting.  Then again, all the latest fixes/improvements in the
"master" branch (which doesn't have any scripting code) have dealt
with small issues, sometimes only the wording of some message has
been changed.  I have been running leafnode-2 for years now and never
encountered a problem leaving me helpless, much less without USENET


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