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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20081110a snapshot available

Bulgrien, Kevin schrieb:

> I have a situation where I am trying to move a news spool from one machine
> to another.  texpire -r is segfaulting - not something I would expect from
> a spool fixer.  Debug shows nothing helpful.  I wanted the latest snapshot
> to test and report on since I was using one from 2006.  More on this later.
> I was able to manually edit the download link based on the IP address you
> provided, but other issues have kept me from addressing the spool issue as
> of yet.

Hi Kevin,

sorry to hear of those problems -- and for anyone, in case you haven't
noticed X-Mas approaching, I surely have. After my system HDD (200 GB
SATA-II, 3 yrs old) started failing on Monday night, I found that the
external disk drive I "rescued" data to (500 GB USB 2.0, 1 yr old) is also
faulty (at least it's covered by warranty, so I'll move data out and have
it replaced)... so given the usual pre-X-Mas appointments including
business travel, I cannot make any promises if I'll be able to look into
these problems this year. I'll try to.

Anyways, unless it contains sensitive data, please send your local.groups
file to me off-list. Best practice would be to 1. copy it, 2. gzip it and
3. send the gzipped file (then we have a CRC); I can then already see if it
screws up with my version. Same for the groupinfo file and possibly your
config file -- be sure to remove your passwords, if any!

Also, if you can install a somewhat recent version of leafnode (3Q2008
should be fine) and then obtain a stack backtrace of the crash, or perhaps
run texpire under valgrind supervision, that would be most helpful.

If you're comfortable with Git, you can pull from
git://git.berlios.de/leafnode/ (you'll get leafnode-2), git checkout master
and then run autoreconf and build from there -- it needs GNU autoconf and
automake though.

> BTW, confirmation is needed from my end, but it seemed that leafnode itself
> segfaults on tab/spaces issues in local.groups and/or groupinfo apparently
> due to an editor converting tabs to spaces.  Since the spool is messed up
> though, I have to get that sorted out before jumping to conclusions.

Please save the files you think might have had tab/blanks changed *before*
trying to repair them, we may later need those copies for debugging.

Thanks for taking the time to report this.

Best regards
Matthias Andree

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
  						-- John Lennon, 1980
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