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[leafnode-list] stable release 2.x (Permanent reminder of "no posting permission!")

Matthias Andree wrote:

> There's still a lot to do before release, the TODO might be good for
> a first impression. Not all of that is for leafnode-2, certainly most
> of the features can wait until a later point in time, but cleanups
> and such, certainly needed, as much as bulletproof instructions for
> migrating leafnode-1 to leafnode-2.

Lazy me!  I never read the TODO list thoroughly, maybe because I don't
understand many items on it.

For example:

  * forward port leafnode-1 STAT blacklisting code? Or go for real posting

What is "STAT blacklisting code"?

  * program filters for OUTGOING (Sourceforge RFE 1244705)

  * make sure filters or some other mechanism can allow local, but block
    remote control messages (christophe Raverdy <craverdy@xxxxxxxxx>
    2002-12-05 leafnode-list)

These last two items seem to be related.  Could lua scripting and its
pattern matching help with these?


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