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[leafnode-list] Re: 2.0.0.alpha20081120a (and earlier) texpir e -r?segmentation fault

> Bulgrien, Kevin:

> I could use the debug info to figure out what is borked up with my
> spool and/or configuration files.  When I run texpire -r without
> debug, it gives me some error that I cannot discern the meaning ...

Maybe we can even help with those error message, so please post this as

> I did try the default as shown in the config.example:
>   debugmode = 1001
> I also tried:
>   debugmode = 1
>   debugmode = 17
>   debugmode = 4095

This is good to know, because I'll use "debugmode = 17" in the hope the
segmentation fault turns up.

> At one point I wasn't paying attention, and left spaces out from
> around the "=" character, but I didn't see what impact that might have
> had yet.

I should think spaces make no difference.

regards, clemens
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