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[leafnode-list] Re: 2.0.0.alpha20081120a (and earlier) texpir e -r segmentation fault

> The culprit is a header on the groupinfo file.  The old 
> texpire has no problem
> with it.  The new one has a big problem with it.  I did not 
> put that header in
> there to my recollection.  I took it out, and texpire -r 
> completes with no
> error.  I'd say that a segfault is unwarranted for junk in a 
> configuration
> file.  The old texpire is not phased by it.
> Old version:
> $ head -2 /home/news/leaf.node/groupinfo | od -ax 
> 0000000   #   A  sp   4   6  nl   k   r   a   y   t   e   c   
> h   .   a
> New version:
> $ head -2 groupinfo | od -ax
> 0000000   #   A  sp   6   2  nl   k   r   a   y   t   e   c   
> h   .   a

That header seems to be, amongst other things, a count of 
groups... Confession time is probably now.  I did something
a bit dodgy during this spool copy - merged two local group
spools.  I changed the number of groups in group info without
updating the header.  Perhaps that is the secret sauce to the
seg fault?  It may not gracefully handle an inaccurate header.


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