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[leafnode-list] old TODO: crosspost limiting seems broken

Hi Robert Marshall, Hi list,

there's an old item on the TODO list which I commented on:

2002-03-23 Robert Marshall on 2.0b8_ma9:
       Changing subject slightly, I have a filters file containing
       newsgroups = *
       maxcrosspost = 6
       action = kill
       and I've just seen an article crossposted to 8 groups...
       (cannot be reproduced. Note: "maxcrosspost = 6" still allows
       6 groups, but not 7 groups or more).

       Clemens: Robert, is it possible that the article in question had
       one Newsgroups: item, but eight items in the Folloup-To: header?
       I have been bitten by this when doing my crosspost limiter in
       Lua.  My fix is simple:  count up all items in both headers and
       limit on the sum.  Unfortunately, this works only with Lua


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