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[leafnode-list] Re: Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected"

Am 30.01.2009, 01:10 Uhr, schrieb Paul Brooks <paulbrooks59@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Ive not been using leafnode very long and have come across this error
> "Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected""
> There are thousands of occurrences of this error when receiving news  
> articles.
> I am receiving new posts ok but these errors are from trying to get  
> older posts.

Hi Paul,

sorry for seeing your message only now; I've had a file system (/usr)  
crash and am only recovering slowly.

> Is this an error caused by the news server im getting my news from or is  
> it caused by leafnode itself? and what does the error mean?

The message is *generated* by the server. At the time, leafnode has tried  
downloading an article. What causes it, is hard to tell without closer  

Can you try to obtain a debug log? Simply run:

fetchnews -evvvvD 131 2>&1 | tee some.log

Then gzip, bzip2, or lzma the some.log file and send it to me IN PRIVATE  
(to the gmx.de address) - it's too large for the list. I'll then see if I  
can figure out what's up.

Best regards

Matthias Andree
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