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[leafnode-list] Re: Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group?selected"

On Fri-2009/01/30-01:10 Paul Brooks wrote:

> Ive not been using leafnode very long and have come across this error
> "Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected"" There are
> thousands of occurrences of this error when receiving news articles.
> I am receiving new posts ok but these errors are from trying to get
> older posts.
> Is this an error caused by the news server im getting my news from or
> is it caused by leafnode itself? and what does the error mean?

i was thinking:  could the upstream server have expired the article
numbers asked for and left the group as the result of not finding them?
In that case it would indeed be in the "group selection" state, but
fetchnews would continue to ask for article numbers specific to some


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