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[leafnode-list] Re: Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected"

>> After a lot of trials and getting cut off from my news server for
>> a short time, I now have a log with the error message in it using the
>> command
>> fetchnews -evvvvD 131 -x 50000 2>&1 | tee some.log
>>> Then gzip, bzip2, or lzma the some.log file and send it to me IN PRIVATE
>>> (to the gmx.de address) - it's too large for the list. I'll then see if
>>> I
>>> can figure out what's up.
>> I will send the log file to you direct in another email.
> Hi Paul,
> the log has arrived safely. I see no immediate pattern for the
> intermittent failures, but a misbehaving server.
> Since I do not have access to your newsserver, can you try to set
> windowsize=1 in your leafnode "config" file and re-run the fetchnews
> command and see if it yields the same errors? fetchnews will probably run
> a bit slower than before (depending on your ping latency). For a first
> try, no need to enable debug logging.
> I have also filed a support request with your news provider, dubbed
> "information request" (tech support is only for customers), to see if we
> need to blacklist pipelining to their servers (which is what windowsize=1
> implements).
> --
> Matthias Andree

Hi Mattias

I re-ran the command with windowsize=1 but still found the same
errors occurring.
I have a couple of copies of the leafnode folder for test purposes and
I did notice that in the real copy, not for testing, a message about stale
watermarks. This was a day or 2 after your last reply.


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