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[leafnode-list] Re: Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected"

On Tue-2009/02/17-10:35 Matthias Andree wrote:

> In severe cases, with the watermarks being reset across long
> distances,  newsreaders may consider articles seen that were actually
> new, but this  should only happen if major amounts of articles with
> highest numbers in  the respective group are removed.

... such as, when re-installing your OS or moving to another computer.
My newsreader (tin) cannot adapt to that.  It shows by not listing any
articles, although fetchnews got them.  On a new installation, without
a backup of the news-spool, articles get much lower numbers.  I only
back up the contents of news/interesting.groups/ so that at least the
groups I read are recorded.  Anyway, when this happens, I cannot do much
except fixing up tins .newsrc file where it keeps the groups with the
articles already read: using an editor only the newsgroup, a colon and
a space at the start of the line are kept, the rest deleted.


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