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[leafnode-list] Problem Installing/Configuring Leafnode 2 in Ubuntu

My Fedora 8 system recently crashed, and I switched to Ubuntu (8.04).
I had Leafnode 2 running fine on the Fedora system for quite a while,
but I can't seem to get it going on Ubuntu. I've Googled around all
day, and although there are other people having the same issue, each
is slightly different, and none of the proposed solutions seem to work
(at least not the way I'm reading them). All the relevant details (I
hope) are below:

-- First of all, the leafnode installation (from source) seems to have
gone off without a hitch. I'm using leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20081229a
-- I installed xinetd and added a file to /etc/xinetd.d as recommended
in the leafnode documentation
-- xinetd is running and port 119 is open ('nmap localhost' gives me:
'119/tcp  open  nntp')
-- When I run fetchnews, I don't get any "negative" messages (and the
groupinfo file is populated with groups from my upstream servers)
-- /etc/hosts file looks like this:       <my.fqdn.org> localhost.localdomain localhost homer   <my.fqdn.org> homer localhost localhost.localdomain

-- /etc/hosts.allow looks like this:


-- /etc/hosts.deny looks like this:


However, when I try to telnet to the server ....

$ telnet nntp
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

 .... and furthermore, when I try to use slrn to connect ...

$ slrn -f ~/.jnewsrc --create
slrn pre1.0.0-2
Loading /usr/local/share/slrn/slang/slrn.sl
Reading startup file /home/pburton/.slrnrc.
Using newsrc file /home/pburton/.jnewsrc for server localhost.
Connecting to host localhost ...
Failed to initialize server
Run-Time Error
slrn fatal error:
Failed to initialize server.

I tried connecting directly to a remote server with slrn and that
works, so I know slrn is installed/configured properly.

Below is my /etc/leafnode/config file with comments removed:

expire = 60
authenticate = internal
groupexpire = any.local.newsgroup 24800
maxfetch = 2000
initialfetch = 1000
timeout_long = 30
timeout_active = 30
create_all_links = 1
filterfile = /etc/leafnode/filters
server = nntp.aioe.org
nodesc = 1
feedtype = NNTP
post_anygroup = 1
server = news.bananasplit.info
nodesc = 1
feedtype = NNTP
post_anygroup = 1
server = news.motzarella.org
nodesc = 1
username = <my_username>
password = <my_passwd>
post_anygroup = 1
feedtype = NNTP

Thanks for helping me figure this out.

Paul Burton
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