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[leafnode-list] Re: Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "412 no group selected"

>> I re-ran the command with windowsize=1 but still found the same
>> errors occurring.
>> I have a couple of copies of the leafnode folder for test purposes and
>> I did notice that in the real copy, not for testing, a message about
>> stale watermarks. This was a day or 2 after your last reply.
> Hi Paul,
> stale watermarks are unrelated and are a local condition. They can be
> caused by fetchnews crashes or filesystem corruption (if you find evidence
> to the former, or even better, a "fetchnews.core" or "core" file, let me
> know), but should fix themselves, or they can be fixed with "texpire -r".
> In severe cases, with the watermarks being reset across long distances,
> newsreaders may consider articles seen that were actually new, but this
> should only happen if major amounts of articles with highest numbers in
> the respective group are removed.

Hi Matthias,

Ok about the watermarks. That could have been my fault then, because

I did (I think) stop the process with CTRL-C mid way through a fetch.

> I haven't heard back from their support either. You, as customer, can try
> to file a support request, and you can refer them to me for further
> information on leafnode; but barring further input from your provider, the
> bottom line is for me that your Usenet provider has (a) corrupt databases
> (where XOVER and article data base are inconsistent, and articles listed
> in overview aren't available), (b) buggy software that responds with bogus
> error codes (412 when 411 were appropriate), (c) doesn't respond to
> queries from external interested parties.

Thanks for your effort with this problem. At least I know know its not my

settings causing this. I will just ignore the errors, unless you would like me

to pursue this further. 

> If it doesn't work with windowsize=1, I'm out of ideas for the moment -
> sorry for that.
> --
> Matthias Andree

Thanks again and to Clemens


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