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[leafnode-list] Re: news.mozilla.org: reading new newsgroups failed, reason "501 no such list available"

> On Fri-2009/03/27-12:23 Matthias Andree wrote:
>> Am 27.03.2009, 08:28 Uhr, schrieb Arthur Marsh:
>>> Is anyone else getting the error:
>>> news.mozilla.org: reading new newsgroups failed, reason "501 no such
>>> list available"
>>> Running leafnode 1.11.7.rc3-1 on Debian unstable.
>> sorry to read of your problem.  I can reproduce this, but it's
>> a server fault.  GigaNews's servers do not support the standard
>> command "NEWGROUPS"... (and it's GigaNews who host these newsgroups).
>> In the end it's harmless; should Mozilla offer new newsgroups in the
>> future that your leafnode does not show, leafnode will either pick
>> them 90 days after last checking the full newsgroups list, or you can
>> run "fetchnews -f" to force redownloading the newsgroups right away.
> Then how come leafnode-2 doesn't exhibit this problem?  I read a few
> newsgroups at news.mozilla.org, which indeed is provided by GigaNews,
> but cannot find this 501 error message.
> Or does this happen only on "(re)scans", but not in daily business?

I started getting a "reading new newsgroups failed" error in almost all of
my cron jobs for fetchnews for about the past week.  I hadn't had a chance
to look at it.  But, once I saw this thread, I figured I would take a
look.  I went to my logs today and noticed that the error was coming from
my local ISP news server (which is actually just outsourced to Giganews),
but was not getting it on my news.mozilla.org connection.  I noticed that
on my news.mozilla.org setting I have "nodesc = 1".  But, I did not have
that on my local ISP config line.  Once I added it to that line, the error
message went away.  But, like I said, this only started about a week ago. 
Very strange.

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