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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 2: "make update" -> "Can't open?groupinfo.old!"

On Mon-2009/04/06-17:53 Adam Funk wrote:

> I'm trying to install 2.0.0.alpha20090403a to replace the Ubuntu 1.11
> package (as I've previously mentioned).
> I'm OK through the following steps
> $ ./configure  --prefix=/usr/local      --sysconfdir=/etc/news/leafnode2   \
>               --mandir=/usr/local/man  --localstatedir=/var               \
>               --enable-runas-user=news --enable-spooldir=/var/spool/news
> $ make
> # make install
> But `make update`, running as root, gives me "Error: Can't open
> groupinfo.old!"; looking through the source code (but with my limited
> familiarity with C/C++) I suspect that means it can't open
> groupinfo.old to read it --- and that makes no sense to me, since I'm
> running it as root.  I may be mistaken, of course.

The "update" target in the Makefile runs the script "update.sh" in the
source directory, no C/C++ involved here.

To me, the script would first issue "Re-sorting groupinfo file...", then
rename "${SPOOLDIR}/leaf.node/groupinfo" to "groupinfo.old".  I don't
understand why there is talk about "${LIBDIR}/groupinfo" and the one in
${SPOOLDIR}, it looks like leafnode-1 had this file in ${LIBDIR}, where
SPOOLDIR is /var/spool/news and LIBDIR is /etc/news/leafnode2 in your
case.  Was your leafnode-1 configuration directory some place else than
etc/news/leafnode2?  In that case update.sh wouldn't find groupinfo
AFAICS.  It seems the script is not suited for a situation other than
updating in-place.

I'm no expert in leafnode-1.  If I was in your shoes and had
a leafnode-1 installation, I'd copy its configuration files over to
etc/news/leafnode2 and repeat the "make update" from the source

Didn't you get any other error messages?  The script should have
complained louder, it seems, for not finding groupinfo in the first

> When I run `make update` again, I get the lock-file error, and I find
> that groupinfo is now an empty file.  I've tried deleting the lock
> file, copying groupinfo.old back to groupinfo, and fiddling with
> various ownerships and permissions (such as `chown news groupinfo` and
> `chmod a+r groupinfo`), and I keep going in a circle.

Sorry, we'll have to wait for Matthias or other people who did such an
update in the past.


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