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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 2: "make update" -> "Can't open?groupinfo.old!"

On 2009-04-06, clemens fischer wrote:

> The "update" target in the Makefile runs the script "update.sh" in the
> source directory, no C/C++ involved here.

Yes, but the script runs lsort, which (I assume) is compiled from
lsort.c, which is where grep fournd the error message.

> To me, the script would first issue "Re-sorting groupinfo file...", then
> rename "${SPOOLDIR}/leaf.node/groupinfo" to "groupinfo.old".  I don't
> understand why there is talk about "${LIBDIR}/groupinfo" and the one in
> ${SPOOLDIR}, it looks like leafnode-1 had this file in ${LIBDIR}, where
> SPOOLDIR is /var/spool/news and LIBDIR is /etc/news/leafnode2 in your
> case.  Was your leafnode-1 configuration directory some place else than
> etc/news/leafnode2?  In that case update.sh wouldn't find groupinfo
> AFAICS.  It seems the script is not suited for a situation other than
> updating in-place.
> I'm no expert in leafnode-1.  If I was in your shoes and had
> a leafnode-1 installation, I'd copy its configuration files over to
> etc/news/leafnode2 and repeat the "make update" from the source
> directory.

The leafnode 1 groupinfo file is at "/var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo"; 
some part of the "make update" is finding it because it gets moved to
".../leaf.node/groupinfo.old" before lsort dies with that error

My leafnode 1 config files are in "/etc/news/leafnode/", and I
deliberately configured to put the leafnode 2 ones in
"/etc/news/leafnode2/" so I could recover easily if anything went
wrong before I finished upgrading (as I have done).

The LIBDIR vs SPOOLDIR/leafnode thing might be relevant, though.  I'll
have a look at update.sh

(BTW, update.sh was missing the u+x permission when I unpacked it from
the .tar.bz2 file.)

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