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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 2: "make update" -> "Can't open?groupinfo.old!"

Am 06.04.2009, 19:45 Uhr, schrieb clemens fischer

> On Mon-2009/04/06-17:53 Adam Funk wrote:
>> I'm trying to install 2.0.0.alpha20090403a to replace the Ubuntu 1.11
>> package (as I've previously mentioned).
>> I'm OK through the following steps
>> $ ./configure  --prefix=/usr/local       
>> --sysconfdir=/etc/news/leafnode2   \
>>               --mandir=/usr/local/man   
>> --localstatedir=/var               \
>>               --enable-runas-user=news --enable-spooldir=/var/spool/news
>> $ make
>> # make install
>> But `make update`, running as root, gives me "Error: Can't open
>> groupinfo.old!"; looking through the source code (but with my limited
>> familiarity with C/C++) I suspect that means it can't open
>> groupinfo.old to read it --- and that makes no sense to me, since I'm
>> running it as root.  I may be mistaken, of course.
> The "update" target in the Makefile runs the script "update.sh" in the
> source directory, no C/C++ involved here.

"almost" - at least lsort is involved.

> To me, the script would first issue "Re-sorting groupinfo file...", then
> rename "${SPOOLDIR}/leaf.node/groupinfo" to "groupinfo.old".  I don't
> understand why there is talk about "${LIBDIR}/groupinfo" and the one in
> ${SPOOLDIR}, it looks like leafnode-1 had this file in ${LIBDIR}, where
> SPOOLDIR is /var/spool/news and LIBDIR is /etc/news/leafnode2 in your
> case.  Was your leafnode-1 configuration directory some place else than
> etc/news/leafnode2?  In that case update.sh wouldn't find groupinfo
> AFAICS.  It seems the script is not suited for a situation other than
> updating in-place.
> I'm no expert in leafnode-1.  If I was in your shoes and had
> a leafnode-1 installation, I'd copy its configuration files over to
> etc/news/leafnode2 and repeat the "make update" from the source
> directory.

I forgot the details, I sort of inherited this script, and it was sort of
bit-rotten... see my other response for details.

For any non-ancient leafnode-1 version, "make update" is not needed.

Matthias Andree
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