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[leafnode-list] Re: Sanity check: leafnode2 filters

On Thu-2009/04/09-12:39 Adam Funk wrote:

> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: alt.test: will fetch 1 articles
> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: store: article (null) rejected by filter
> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: alt.test: 0 articles fetched (to 179846), 1 killed

I fixed this as far as possible.  The problem here was the missing
Message-ID at the time the header is presented to the filterfile()
function.  The code in git now tries to find the Message-ID, the author,
date and subject, in this order.  The ID identifies the article, if it
is present, nothing else will be shown.  If not, any combination of the
others are listed, if known by the time the filter hits.

Would you like this to be changed to showing all four items (if known)
even if the Message-ID could be had?


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