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[leafnode-list] Re: Sanity check: leafnode2 filters

On 2009-04-10, clemens fischer wrote:

> On Thu-2009/04/09-12:39 Adam Funk wrote:
>> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: alt.test: will fetch 1 articles
>> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: store: article (null) rejected by filter
>> Apr  9 10:30:05 bunsen fetchnews[3609]: alt.test: 0 articles fetched (to 179846), 1 killed
> I fixed this as far as possible.  The problem here was the missing
> Message-ID at the time the header is presented to the filterfile()
> function.  The code in git now tries to find the Message-ID, the author,
> date and subject, in this order.  The ID identifies the article, if it
> is present, nothing else will be shown.  If not, any combination of the
> others are listed, if known by the time the filter hits.
> Would you like this to be changed to showing all four items (if known)
> even if the Message-ID could be had?

I suppose that might be useful for times when you think fetchnews has
missed an important message.  

But I'm more concerned about the fact that using "maxage = 20"
currently makes fetchnews reject everything from matching newsgroups.

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